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Welcome to Dekadance Radio - The ONLY Radio with Attitude!

There are thousands of Internet Radio stations from which to choose, and they're great. But by far, most of them only provide programming that is really nothing more than endless streaming of song after song after song.

We're different. We're Dekadance Radio! We give great entertainment, along with an assortment of genres. And our radio personalities are the BEST on the net! Tune in each week and see what our DJ's are up to next!

In a world where musical standards are on the fast track downhill and Grammy Awards are given out to individuals with little or no actual talent who purport to be 'artists', here at Dekadance Radio we are very proud to pay homage to someone who does NOT fall into that category, someone we cherish. Tune in on February 3, 2015 as Dekadance Radio celebrates the eighth anniversary of our association with not only a great musician and artist in his own right, but one of the greatest, most enjoyable on air personalities the world of Internet Radio has ever known. A very talented musician, having mastered multiple instruments and anchoring live performance bands throughout England, as well as being an enormously talented on air DJ, Mr. Bob Blues celebrates eight fantastic years with our network.

Please join us in wishing Bob congratulations on this milestone. And don't forget to tune in to Ain't Nothing But Bob Blues at 5pm est, every Tuesday and Friday here on Dekadance Radio.

We love you, Bob. Thank you, Bob Blues for eight great years.

They say that the best things in life are free. But we all know that from time to time even free stuff can sometimes cost something. Especially the good, free stuff - like Dekadance Radio. We love bringing you some of the best music and entertainment available on the web. And we do everything in our power to bring it to you for free. But it costs us real money to operate this station. So we are asking for those of you who enjoy what we do to help us out if you can. Any small donation you might be able to afford would be greatly appreciated and would help us continue providing what we provide here on Dekadance Radio .
Help us out if you can, and thank you very much.
The Staff of Dekadance Radio Network

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